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Whether you have products or services focused on B2B or B2C, we will help you achieve your milestones for growth, sales and profitability.

The Us Market is large and diVerse


US Sales Team Coaching

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Introducing an easier and flexible option to enter the US market at a fraction of the cost of typical approaches. Click here for details.

New Market

US Customers ARE Different

The US is like the EU – different regions with different languages, cultures, needs, wants and buying habits. We provide actionable insights for targeted regions or market demographic groups.

Learn. Experiment. Improve.

US Customer Journey

US Customers have a Different Journey to the Buying Decision. People communicate and make decisions somewhat differently. US people demand more 'After Sales' behavior leading to higher Warranty Costs or heavier use of Customer Service calls.

Competitive advantage

US Market Visibility

A common mistake is to assume the technical merits of your technology will easily open doors. Nothing is further from the truth. It is essential to generate marketplace visibility and trust so that people know you, before you start selling.

US Sales Pipeline

Conduct US Customer Discovery to populate the Business Model Canvas boxes for the right language to communication with Customers. Then, hire right Sales team members and create smart workflow processes and oversight of team and commitment to achieving milestones. Convert leads into sales and satisfied customers over the long term – thus need for Service Support team to service and help buyers and users.

Competitive advantage

US Distribution Partners

We know how to get the most from US Distribution Partners. With our networks, we can help you identify high performing people, companies and universities for product development, product market testing, manufacturing, sales and regulatory issues.

Protect your culture

HR + Culture Change

HR for growth means complete business human infrastructure of people who are: sales people, customer support and technical sales / subject matter experts working together.

Get your US HR ready for growth. Happy employees are the Best Ambassadors for your company. Ensure compliance with state and federal tax authorities. Protect your company's roots and prepare for a new transition and culture change.

IP & Licensing

US Company Formation; Protecting IP & Trade Secrets

We can help with US company formation, licensing intellectual Property to other manufacturers for certain regions or markets to accelerate growth. We advise and counsel you on protecting your IP and Trade Secrets against competitor ‘steals’.

muneve dirve

Munevo DRIVE Smart Glasses Head Control for Power Wheelchairs.

Our Specialties

Digital Health, Wellness Apps & Medical Devices

We have expertise in go-to-market for digital health, IT, medical and wellness applications (SaaS), software, apps and hardware solutions.

Value Proposition

Make $, Save Time

We give you the insights you need to be successful. We have a direct, no-nonsense communication style. Our value proposition is to save you time and get you into the US Market ASAP.

Strategic Advisors

Who We Are

We have 30+ years of business, technology and marketing experience in the US, Canada and globally.

  • Randy S. Fisher, Customer Discovery, Go To Market Strategy and Business Development

  • John A. Fraser, Business and IP Strategy and Technology Commercialization. Ex-President Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)

  • Landon Steele, Operations, Management and Business Development in Healthcare, Life Science and Biotech

  • Brian Antell, Marketing, Communications and Social Media

  • Gus Fraser, Business Development and SalesTeam Development (SaaS)

  • Peter McCrory, Culture, Leadership & Performance

US Market Entry

US Sales Team Coaching

The US is the biggest market in the world. And, there are many opportunities for great rewards.There is also risk in entering the US market - it can be time-consuming, distracting and expensive. There's hiring, immigration, import regulations, taxation, healthcare and more.

Introducing, a new paradigm that gives your company ultimate flexibility to enter the US market and rapidly accelerate your growth.Use OUR KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHTS of the US market - with YOUR Sales Team.


  • Take advantage of your employees' lower wages / costs;

  • Up-skill your employees

  • Keep the sales skills in-house (i.e., build internal capacity);

  • Exercise greater control over sales outcomes

  • Rapidly enter the US market;

  • Achieve better results.

You will learn how to sell successfully, in the US Market. Read our e-book: 12 Steps to Consider Before Entering the US Market.


  • sharing our knowledge and insights for success in the US market;

  • mentoring and coaching your sales team with 'growth sprints' to increase success with US Customers;

  • identifying and qualifying leads; introductions and referrals from our network;

  • phone / Zoom call shadowing and feedback;

  • documenting the US Customer's Journey and Buying behavior in desired Customer segments;

  • making recommendations for changes that positively impact your US marketing, positioning, branding and value proposition;

  • ensuring you are aware of US cultural differences, language, expectations and risk / mitigation strategies;

  • developing your US sales playbook;

  • helping you to negotiate and close sales / pilot projects;

  • answering your US phone number;

  • responding to / returning phone calls during US office hours (outside of your office hours); and,

  • more....

Pricing begins at USD $3,500 per month. We estimate 2-3 months for coaching your team for your US Sales Success.Schedule a free appointment to explore the possibilities.

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